The first deadline – June 30, 2013 – under Delaware’s new unclaimed property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) program is fast approaching! This initial deadline offers the maximum program benefits to VDA participants: Prior to the new VDA program, holders were required to report and remit any past due unclaimed property starting in 1981. However, holders who enter into the new VDA program by June 30, 2013 qualify for a limited look-back period through 1996. Holders who sign up by June 30, 2014 qualify for a look-back period through 1993.

For those who may not be aware, Delaware’s new VDA program is an amnesty program primarily aimed at helping non-compliant companies become compliant under the law. The business-friendly program is run by the Department of State, and is designed so companies can “catch up” on their past due unclaimed property obligations, avoid interest and penalties, and significantly reduce their unclaimed property liability. Completion of the program also offers companies a full release of all past due unclaimed property liability in a reasonably short and efficient process.

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