On September 21st (do you remember?), the U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report on the Federal Government’s COVID-19 response, including with respect to the Paycheck Protection Program. The GAO report provides additional statistical breakdown of the PPP loans, addresses some of the SBA’s oversight plans, and then addresses the need for further guidance on the PPP forgiveness process.

Updated Statistics

The GAO Report notes that most of the largest PPP loans (those over $2 million), were made during the first phase of the program, between April 3rd and April 26th. 75% of the loans for more than $2 million were approved in the first phase, with the report noting that this may have been due to increased scrutiny from the public, Treasury and SBA.

The vast majority of PPP loans were made to borrowers with 10 or fewer employees (73.6% of the loans) while the majority of PPP loan dollars went to businesses with 100 or fewer employees (67.6%). While borrowers with more than 500 employees were granted limited access to participate in the program, less than 0.1% of borrowers had more than 500 employees.

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