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Media Mentions – March 29, 2013

With attorneys and staff worldwide, Bryan Cave attorneys are often quoted in the news.  Recent Media Mentions of Financial Institutions Group attorneys include:

BankBryanCave in GBA e-Bulletin

BankBryanCave post concerning a potential new wave of ATM class actions in Georgia was featured in the March 8 edition of the GBA e-Bulletin, from the Georgia Bankers Association. The suit against Branch Banking and Trust Company in federal court in Atlanta alleges that two of the bank’s ATMs did not meet the accessibility features mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Click here to read the GBA summary of the topic, which links to our original March 6 post written by Atlanta Partners Jennifer Dempsey and Bill Custer.

Linda Odom and Courtney Stolz in Bank Director

DC attorneys Linda Odom and  Courtney Stolz authored an article March 29 in Bank Director regarding steps the Federal Trade Commission has taken to push for more unified mobile payments regulation. “For banks interested in mobile banking, its actions and publications are very instructive,” they wrote. “Over the last two years, the FTC’s actions include: bringing law enforcement actions, obtaining high-profile settlements with Google and Facebook and issuing policy reports for mobile businesses and policymakers. Although financial institutions are not directly regulated by the FTC in this area, the FTC does regulate all other mobile providers including merchants, payment card networks and payment processors.”  Click here to read the full article. The two also authored an article for Bank Director on proposed guidance from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council to help banks manage their social media risks. “Social media has become ubiquitous and many banks are wondering if they can survive without a trendy presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and in the ‘blogosphere,’ ” they wrote. “It is a bit of the Wild West out there though, with few rules in place to protect your message.” Click here to read the full article.

Judith Rinearson on Reg Watch

New York Partner Judith Rinearson was quoted March 28 on The Hill’s regulation blog, Reg Watch, regarding new regulations aimed at stopping the use of prepaid credit cards to launder money across the border. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network within the Treasury Department has been working on rules since 2011 that would require travelers to tell customs officials if they are carrying more than $10,000 on the cards. (Travelers currently must declare only cash and travelers checks above that amount.) “Nobody takes your ATM card to find out what’s in your bank account when you go through customs,” Rinearson said. “If you’ve got a huge line of credit on your credit card – no one asks to see it. Why should prepaid cards be any different?”  Click here to read the full article.

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Media Mentions – December 2, 2011

With offices all over the world, Bryan Cave attorneys are often quoted in the news.  Recent Media Mentions of Financial Institutions Group attorneys include:

McAlpin on BankDirector.com

Atlanta Partner Jim McAlpin authored the first in a series of articles concerning best practices of bank boards Oct. 25 for BankDirector.com. McAlpin said “there has never been a greater need for well-functioning, informed and courageous boards of directors of banks and bank holding companies. There has also never been a more important time for board members to keep in mind that their responsibilities can be boiled down into one simple goal: the creation of sustainable long-term value for shareholders.” This also was the lead article in the BankDirector November e-mail newsletter.  Click here to read the full text.  The second installment in the series will be published by BankDirector in early December.

Moeling in American Banker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Partner Walt Moeling was quoted at length Nov. 17 by American Banker regarding the new perception businesspeople have toward serving on a bank board. “Most of them joined because it is one of the great clubs in an area and there is an opportunity to help people in your community. But after four years of foreclosing on your neighbors, watching your friends lose their jobs and seeing your investment lose its value, you’re done,” said Moeling, adding that banks still can find local people to serve, but those directors will have to be prepared to roll up their sleeves a lot. “The compliance burden is huge. Regulators are going to expect directors to be on top of things. The meetings will be longer and more detailed. It will be a lot more demanding than it ever was in the past and it is not going to be as much fun.” He also was quoted Nov. 7 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution concerning the reasons for the failure of Decatur First Bank in Decatur, Ga. The bank’s quest for growth (it opened subsidiary banks in the mid-2000s in the once-booming Lake Oconee area, about 80 miles east of Atlanta) provided a windfall for a few years until the housing market crashed.

ReVeal on BankDirector.com

DC Counsel John ReVeal was interviewed for two videos now being used on the BankDirector.com Web site. One video focuses on the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and how violations are perceived today by regulators. The other, which outlines what a bank board should know about BSA, has become the group’s official training piece concerning BSA and is located in a password-protected section.  Click here to view ReVeal’s video on BSA and regulators.

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Durbin Amendment Webinar

Final interchange regulations under the Durbin Amendment of the Dodd Frank Act will go into effect October 1, changing the rules for interchange transaction fees.  The Bryan Cave Payments team will present a live webinar and Q&A session on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EDT explaining what the new interchange and routing rules mean for the prepaid industry and how to comply.

The Durbin Amendment:

What Does the Final Ruling Mean for Prepaid?

You can register for free online. Attendees are encouraged to submit in advance and without attribution, any questions they would like addressed during the webinar.  Please enter your questions when you register.

The Webinar will be presented by Judie Rinearson (Bryan Cave – New York), Linda Odom (Bryan Cave – Washington, D.C.) and Courtney Stolz (Bryan Cave – Washington, D.C.).

CLE credit for this webinar will be available for attendees in California, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Virginia.

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