With paths recently being cleared from a regulatory perspective and the consolidation in the market, we’re hoping to see a pickup in de novo applications (and one that is far greater than the five applications the FDIC has indicated it has received for all of 2015). Because of the recent history of difficulty starting new banks and the extremely limited number of applications this year, we imagine many of the qualified candidates are hesitant to take the first steps. We’d like to make the process easier for you.

In his article, “Thinking of Starting a New Bank? Answer These Questions First,” which was published in The Banking Law Journal today, my partner, Jonathan Hightower (@hightowerbanks), covers twelve questions that organizing groups and individuals should answer as they begin a venture toward a de novo bank.

Please call any member of our Financial Institutions team if you’d like to start talking about the prospect of organizing a new bank, or if your further down the road and would like our guidance with your application – we’re happy to help.

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