BankBryanCave Version 2.0

February 23, 2017

Authored by: Robert Klingler

Brickman Cleans Up!Over the last several weeks, we’ve updated the site to a new design, new hosting service and new e-mail subscription service.  The updates have been long overdue, and should help us continue to provide interesting and useful content.  As expected, the site redesign also engendered lots of internal conversation and renewed interest in the platform.  Accordingly, I hope that the next weeks and months will continue to provide new voices and new perspectives on issues affecting community bankers.

As with the industry as a whole, we are eagerly awaiting upcoming regulatory relief and changes.  Although the changes will hopefully reduce the regulatory burden for many, change is never easy, and we intend to address what community banks will need to do to adjust to those changes.  We also expect that the market for de novo banks will continue to add steam.  With several clients looking at filing de novo applications, we hope to share successes (and tidbits to learn from mistakes) with others.

New Mailing Service

One of the items I’m most happy about (yes, I live a strange life) is a new service to handle our e-mail updates from BankBryanCave.  For those already subscribed, you should receive duplicate copies with this blog post, one from that looks like the old alerts, and a new alert from  We’re then going to be turning off the old e-mail service, so you shouldn’t have to take any action.  I apologize in advance for the duplicate e-mails, but felt that was the best way to ensure that the new system is working before we turn off the old one!  If you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at  For those interest in getting e-mail alerts whenever a new post is made, subscribe to the blog. You can select to receive alerts immediately, only once a day, or only once a week (or all three, if you just can’t get enough!).

Our Team

One of the more visually stunning aspects (again, I don’t get out much) of our site redesign is our new page of team members.  One of the definite strengths of Bryan Cave’s Financial Services Corporate and Regulatory Team is our depth and breadth of practice.  The team members identified on our page are focused on community banks and the legal issues facing them.  While we rely on many other Bryan Cave lawyers to assist with specific areas of the law, we focus on our clients overall business and legal needs.

Our Podcast – “The Bank Account”

Jonathan and I have enjoyed producing our new podcast on community bank legal issues, The Bank Account.  Based on feedback we’ve each received, it appears that many of you have also listened and are nice enough to tell us you’ve enjoyed them.  If you’re not certain your commute can be improved by listing to two banking lawyers, then I encourage you to give us a try without the commitment of subscribing from your phone by visiting The Bank Account page on  Without leaving the site, you can see our ten most recent episodes and choose to play any of them directly from the website.  Once you’re convinced that we could, in fact, improve your commute, links to subscribe in either iTunes or the Google Play store are both there as well.