Today, Bryan Cave filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the Georgia Bankers Association in a case currently pending before the Georgia Supreme Court styled PNC Bank, National Assoc. vs. Kenneth D. Smith, et al., Case No. S15Q1445.  The case is of great interest to banks operating in Georgia because the Supreme Court will be reviewing the reasoning of the HWA Properties, Inc. v. Cmty. & S. Bank, 322 Ga. App. 877 (2013) decision, in which the Georgia Court of Appeals held that a lender was entitled to pursue a guarantor for any deficiency remaining on a debt after a foreclosure, regardless of whether the lender had confirmed the foreclosure sale, if the guaranty included language waiving all defenses to collection of the debt.  As articulated in the amicus brief filed by Bryan Cave on behalf of the Georgia Bankers Association, a ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court upholding the HWA decision and its progeny will do much to correct the current abuse of Georgia’s foreclosure confirmation statute, O.C.G.A. § 44-14-16, which commercial borrowers and guarantors have long used to draw out foreclosure proceedings and prevent collection of any deficiency.  Oral argument in the case is scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2015.  A copy of the brief is available here.