With attorneys and staff worldwide, Bryan Cave often makes the news.  Recent media mentions of Financial Institutions Group attorneys include:

Rob Klingler in Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review

Atlanta Partner Robert Klingler was quoted Sept. 26 in the Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review concerning what happens when TARP recipients file for bankruptcy. Congress authorized the U.S. Treasury Department to spend more than $200 billion nationwide as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program five years ago. Overall, taxpayers profited from the program. But a review of the bankruptcies of TARP recipients shows that Treasury is likely to write off about $2.8 billion invested in banks now filing for bankruptcy. “Any time you make an investment, it’s a risk-reward exchange. The only way you get any reward is to take on risk,” Klingler said. “That means some of the investments aren’t going to work out, and some of the investments didn’t work out.”

Dan Wheeler in Directors Digest

San Francisco Partner Daniel Wheeler published an article in the October edition of Directors Digest regarding the heightened due diligence and oversight requirements regulators are enforcing on banks and their service providers. Wheeler’s article details specific steps banks should take in evaluating and entering into a new relationship as well as best practices in ongoing oversight and accountability. “Regulators have clear expectations about what a bank will do to oversee its existing and ongoing service providers,” he wrote. “Although a few types of providers have gotten the most regulatory attention recently, the guidelines apply across the board to all types of third-party service providers.”  Click here to read his full article.