Around the Web

October 14, 2012

Authored by: Robert Klingler

A collection of new banking resources from around the internet:

  • Beige Book (Atlanta Summary) – Published two weeks prior to each FOMC meeting, the Beige Book reports on economic conditions in each Federal Reserve district.
  • SAR Activity Review – FinCEN released the 22nd issue of the SAR Activity Review – Trends, Tips & Issues.  This issue includes a forum on the AML risks associated with business funded prepaid cards.
  • Small Business Lending Fund Generates $6.7 Billion in Small Business Lending – Recognizing the power of leverage, Treasury’s $4 billion in investments has now generated $6.7 billion in increased small business lending.  What would have happened if Treasury had been less restrictive on allowing banks to convert from TARP to the SBLF?
  • FDIC Adopts Final Rule on Stress Tests and Large Bank Assessments – All institutions over $10 billion in total assets will need to conduct annual company-run stress tests, with phased implementation over the next year.
  • TARP Monthly Report to Congress – The Treasury Department released its September Monthly TARP Report to Congress.  Among other information, Treasury notes that it now expects that TARP CPP program will ultimately generate $14.6 billion in income for the federal government and taxpayers.