With offices all over the world, Bryan Cave attorneys are often quoted in the news.  Recent Media Mentions of Financial Institutions Group attorneys include:

Hightower on BankDirector.com

Atlanta Associate Jonathan Hightower authored an article Nov. 18 for BankDirector.com concerning the pitfalls for banks negotiating lease renewals with insiders. “During the mid-2000s, it was commonplace for a bank, particularly a de novo bank, to lease some or all of their bank facilities from an entity controlled by the bank’s directors,” he wrote. “Most bank directors understand their duty to act in the best interests of the bank, but they are also facing personal financial exposure if the lease is not renewed on terms that allow the [director-owned] entity to continue to service its debt obligations. In addition, given public scrutiny of directors and officers who are perceived to have profited at the expense of the bank they serve, creating a proper process to manage these situations has never been more important.”  Click here to read the full article.

McAlpin on BankDirector.com

Atlanta Partner Jim McAlpin authored the second article in a series on “best practices” for bank directors Dec. 2 for BankDirector.com.  “A bank board is like any other working group in that the direction and decisions of a board can be heavily influenced by members who dominate the conversation, or by members who actively discourage discussion or dissent,” wrote McAlpin, who offers tips to help all board members achieve meaningful participation.  Click here to read the full article.

Moeling in Bank Director

Atlanta Partner Walt Moeling was quoted in the fourth quarter 2011 issue of Bank Director on challenges facing new directors now and in the near future. “Business plans become much more realistic when they start out with the big picture rather than “do we really want a Wal-Mart greeter in the lobby?”  Moeling said.  “Are we going to build for five years and sell? Are we going to acquire? Are we going to stay local or expand?”