No, nothing to worry about yet, though it may be confusing for some time. One bureaucratic consequence of the Dodd-Frank Act moving the various consumer protection laws and regulations under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is that they now must reissue the relevant regulations.

Referred to by CFPB insiders as the “restatement project,” the CFPB is preparing to reissue over 3,000 pages of regulations through approximately fourteen Federal Register notices. The reissued regulations will be changed to reflect jurisdictional changes and some scope changes, but they are not expected to change substantively at this time (although we will be watching). We expect publication of these reissued regulations to begin within days.

The possible source of confusion will be a new numbering system. The regulations will still be in Title 12 of the Code of Federal Regulations, but moved to Chapter X. We understand that most of the numbers will be unchanged after the decimal point, but the other numbers could be very different. So, for example, 12 CFR § 226.1 of Regulation Z could become 12 CFR § 1000.1. In some cases, however, due to rules of the Office of the Federal Register, new numbers will be required. For example, Regulation Z sections 226.5a and 226.5b could become 12 CFR § 10XX.40 and 12 CFR § 10XX.60.

None of this is all that earth shaking except to lawyers with nothing else to worry about. All those years memorizing regulation numbers for naught.