Moeling in Atlanta-Journal Constitution, American Banker

Atlanta Partner Walt Moeling was quoted Sept. 28 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding Peoples Bank of Winder, which shut its doors this month, and Silverton – Georgia’s largest-ever bank failure. Both banks were led by Christopher B. Maddox when they closed. Click here to read the article. Moeling also was quoted Sept. 17 by American Banker (republished on Bank Investment Consultant online) concerning whether the rate of bank failures may be slowing. The Sept. 10 closure of Horizon Bank in Bradenton, Fla. – the 119th this year – was the first since Aug. 20. Moeling said that while “the frequency does” appear to be moderating, “if you look at the data and you look at the capital levels there are still banks chiming in at that under-2% level that’s going to produce a failure. We’re not seeing a real recovery.” Click here to read the full article.