With attorneys and staff worldwide, Bryan Cave attorneys often make the news. Sometimes media mentions highlight the firm’s involvement with notable clients, sometimes the individual accomplishments of attorneys and staff. Recent media mentions of attorneys in the financial institutions practice include:

Klingler in American Banker

Atlanta Associate Robert Klingler was quoted Aug. 4 by American Banker regarding the charges against Rep. Maxine Waters, and whether those charges might be of use to banks denied TARP funds. An ethics panel report alleges Waters may have broken rules when she helped a trade group arrange a meeting between then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and executives of OneUnited Bank, an institution with financial ties to her husband and huge losses from the takeovers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Klingler said the government had a uniform standard for deciding TARP investments – essentially awarding funds to institutions that could prove their viability – and no one ever expected the system to be perfect. “We understand that the process will sometimes result in wrong outcomes,” he said, adding that those who believe they were treated unfairly could use the Waters investigation for “rhetoric” at best. “I don’t know that it is rhetoric that necessarily the public is happy with. Generally, the public is opposed to TARP. So hearing a bank whine about not getting TARP isn’t going to get the American public riled up.”

Moeling in National, Regional Publications 

Atlanta Partner Walt Moeling was quoted in the August edition of US Banker on the moves being made by community banks to boost their capital ratios. “In this kind of market, the most successful banks that deal with their problems don’t just take one approach, they pull out the playbook,” Moeling said. “My most successful clients have cut expenses, sold branches, consolidated charters, disposed of nonbank activities.” Click here to read the full article. Moeling was quoted Aug. 10 by American Banker (reprinted by Bank Investment Consultant online) concerning a push of stock offerings expected this fall from community banks, particularly via private placements rather than public offerings. Click here to read the article. In addition, he was quoted Aug. 2 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding JPMorgan Chase & Co., which plans to open 10 new bank branches across the northern metro Atlanta area by the end of the year. Eight currently are under construction. Click here to read the article.

Rinearson in Paybefore Update

New York Partner Judith Rinearson authored an in-depth article in the August edition of Paybefore Update explaining the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform of 2010 (the DFA) on the prepaid card industry. The act, which was signed into law as a means to address some of the most notorious causes of the recent “Great Recession,” was mostly aimed at banks and Wall Street; however it also has been extended to encompass some aspects of the prepaid card industry. “Although much of the DFA has little to do with prepaid cards, it includes provisions with which the entire prepaid value chain must be familiar – because all will be subject to new requirements that will affect their current business operations,” Rinearson writes. Also contributing to this article and noted by name were DC Counsel John ReVeal, Chicago Associate Margo Hirsch Strahlberg and DC Associate Kristine Andreassen. Click here to read the full article.