On January 12, 2009, the FDIC issued a Financial Institution Letter, FIL-1-2009, addressing the use of funding from Federal Financial Stability and Guaranty programs. FIL-1-2009 was brought to the attention of one of our financial institution clients that is a pubic reporting company and a TARP recipient, during the course of its annual examination.  Based on the guidance in the FIL, we advised the client to document and summarize the data that it had been monitoring on its use of TARP proceeds and also to include a fairly brief discussion summarizing that information in its Annual Report on Form 10-K.  This advice is intended to address the suggestion in the FIL that state nonmember banks “summarize such information in published annual reports and financial statements. Including such information in public reports will provide important information for shareholder and public evaluation of participation in these programs.”

If you are a smaller reporting company that has not finalized your 10-K, you should consider adding this disclosure, or perhaps including it elsewhere in public releases or reports.  Also, to the extent you have an examination scheduled in the coming weeks and months, be prepared for an inquiry concerning this FIL.