During the month of November, the Treasury completed rounds forty-ninefifty, and fifty-one of TARP Capital infusions.  In these three rounds, which closed on November 6,  November 13, and November 20, respectively, the Treasury purchased a total of approximately $38 million in securities from 7 financial institutions (3 of which previously received a TARP capital infusion).  Through November 2009, the Treasury had invested in 696 institutions, totaling approximately $204.7 billion.

In these three rounds, Presidio Bank, San Francisco, California, received the largest infusion, $10 million, and Community Pride Bank Corporation, received the smallest infusion, $4.4 million.

Of note during the month of November, F&M Bancshares, HPK Financial Corporation, and Metropolitan Capital Corp., joined WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc. as institutions to receive a second investment from Treasury in connection with the TARP expansion for community banks.  F&M Bancshares received an additional $3.5 million and had already received $4.6 million; HPK Financial Corporation received an additional $5 million and had already received $4 million; and Metropolitan Capital Corp. received an additional $2.4 million and had already received $2 million.

During November, nine financial institutions (one of which had already re-paid a portion of its funds) re-paid their TARP capital investments: Bank of Ozarks, Inc. ($75 million), LSB Corporation ($15 million), Wainwright Bank & Trust ($22 million), Union Bankshares Corp. ($59 million), Midwest Regional Bancorp, Inc. ($700,000), 1st United Bancorp, Inc. ($10 million), Magna Bank ($3.5 million, approximately 25% of the outstanding amount), Frontier Bancshares, Inc. ($1.6 million), and Westamerica Bancorporation ($41.9 million, completing its repayment).  As of the end of November, 2009, 53 financial institutions had re-paid all, or some portion, of their TARP Capital investment, bringing the total amount re-paid to approximately $71 billion.  At the end of November 2009,  Treasury’s outstanding investment equaled approximately $133.7 billion.

As discussed in another post,  TARP has been extended until October 3, 2010. 

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* Editor’s note: The original text of this post incorrectly indicated that that TARP CPP for small community banks had been extended under October 3, 2010; instead, TARP has been extended, but the CPP component of TARP was concluded on December 31, 2009.