Georgia Department of Banking and Finance Commissioner Rob Braswell has advised us that the Department’s announcement last week was intended to provide relief only in the context of “loan stacking” under the Department’s proposed new Rule 80-1-5-.11.  Accordingly, the Department will permit renewals of loans which had originally been made in conformity to the loan to one borrower, but would otherwise not be in conformity with the loan to one borrower rule solely due to the the Department’s proposed new “loan stacking” rules.

Renewals and extensions of loans where the loan to one borrower issues arises solely because of capital losses since the loan was originally made are NOT covered by the Department’s announcement.  We are continuing to pursue this issue with the Department, but in the meantime, our recommendation is that banks should NOT extend or renew loans to borrowers where the extension or renewal would violate the loan to one borrower rule as a result of reductions in the limit resulting from capital losses.