The deadline for banks (at least those other than the 19 participants in the Stress Test) to apply for the Capital Assistance Program has been extended again.  The Capital Assistance Program is the second round of potential capital investments under the TARP umbrella, following the Capital Purchase Program.  To date, the Treasury has not made any investments in banks under the Capital Assistance Program.

The original announced deadline of May 25, 2009 was extended until June 8, 2009 to coincide with the deadline for submitting capital plans under the Supervisory Capital Assessment Program.  However, the Treasury has subsequently decided to extend the application deadline for the Capital Assistance program to November 9, 2009.  This later deadline is memorialized in the answer to Question 12 of the Treasury’s FAQs on Capital Purchase Program Repayment and Capital Assistance Program, and has also been separately confirmed to us in writing by the Treasury Department.