On March 31, 2009, the Treasury Department unveiled a completely updated site for the Financial Stability Plan programs (FinancialStability.gov).  Besides requiring visitors to learn an entirely new navigation system to find documents on the site, the new site contains a number of new features that may be of interest to BankBryanCave.com readers:

  • a map showing the local impact of the TARP Capital Purchase Program (larger view).  Like BankBryanCave.com, the Treasury also provides a Google Map of TARP Recipients.  Unfortunately, the Treasury’s Google Map suffers from a “feature” of Google Maps that limits the number of pins shown on the map; as a result, only the first 100 or so recipients (alphabetically) are included on the map.  The BankBryanCave.com Map of TARP Capital Infusions shows all TARP Capital Purchase Program recipients, and also differentiates between recipients based on when the TARP Capital funds were received.  (For comparison purposes, the Treasury’s map was created on March 11, 2009 and, as of March 31, 2009, has been viewed 265 times.  Our map was created on November 25, 2008 and has been viewed over 11,294 times.)
  • simplified economic data, which may help citizens (and bank customers) understand and monitor the need and impact of TARP.
  • a secret decoder ring* to help translate the various terms and acronyms used under TARP.  ABS, AGP, CAP, CPP, EESA, MBS, SSFI, TIP and TARP are all included.

*It’s not actually a decoder ring, but is called the “Decoder.”

The website appears to still be actively being developed and revised, as links to various documents from the previous website have appeared while this post was being edited.