TLGP: Debt Instrument Reporting

December 9, 2008

Authored by: Robert Klingler

On December 8, 2008, the FDIC published a Financial Institution Letter that clarifies the reporting requirements for newly issued guaranteed senior unsecured debt.

Beginning on December 6, 2008, all newly issued guaranteed debt must be reported to the FDIC via FDICconnect within five (5) calendar days of the date of issuance.  Guaranteed debt that was issued between October 14, 2008 through December 5, 2008 and was still outstanding on December 5, 2008 must be reported to the FDIC via FDICconnect by December 19, 2008.

The FDIC will generate the first TLGP assessment invoices for guaranteed debt on December 17, 2008, with settlement of the invoices on December 19, 2008.  Thereafter, new invoices will run each Wednesday for debt issuances reported the prior week, with settlement each Friday.

These reporting requirements are in addition to the monthly reports to the FDIC of aggregated guaranteed debt outstanding pursuant to the Master Agreement.  The FDIC promises to issue information on these ongoing reporting requirements shortly.