On December 11, 2008, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council issued revised instructions for Call and Thrift Financial Reports applicable to participants in the TLGP Transaction Account Guarantee.

Participating institutions will be required to report the amount and number of its noninterest-bearing transaction accounts (including IOLTA accounts and certain NOW accounts) with balances in excess of $250,000.  In calculating the figures, the bank or thrift is permitted, but not required, to exclude accounts or amounts that are otherwise insured under the FDIC’s pass-through insurance rules.  The FDIC will use the reported amounts to calculate the 10 basis point assessment for participation in the Transaction Account Guarantee.  As a result, it will likely be in the interest of reporting institutions to determine the amount in the accounts that is otherwise insured.  The instructions note that the amounts must be fully supported in the institution’s workpapers.

The FFIEC also noted that the Call and Thrift Financial Reports have otherwise not been modified to reflect the temporary increase in deposit insurance to $250,000.  As a result, institutions should continue to report the amount and number of deposit accounts (other than retirement accounts) of (a) $100,000 or less and (b) more than $100,000.  In addition, when reporting estimated uninsured deposits, institutions should continue to calculate the amount of uninsured deposits based on the deposit insurance limits of $250,000 for retirement deposit accounts and $100,000 for all other accounts.