New Site Features

December 8, 2008

Authored by: Robert Klingler

Over the past several days, the website has undergone significant changes behind the scenes to offer additional functionality for our visitors.  If anything is broken, or if there are features that you would like to see, please let us know.  We won’t bore you with all of the behind the scenes changes, but we did want to highlight four of them:

  1. Subscribe to Receive Daily Emails. Anyone can now subscribe to receive daily emails from which will contain that day’s newest stories.  To subscribe, please enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of any page under “Subscribe for Updates.”  You will then automatically receive an email each morning with the contents of any new posts.
  2. Improved Search. As expanded, the limitations of the search engine were starting to be felt.  The new search engine is faster, more comprehensive and gives better results.  Give it a try in the top right corner of any page.
  3. Email a Story to a Friend. At the end of every post, you now have the ability to quickly and easily email a copy of the entire post to a colleague or friend.  Just click on the “Email this Content” link at the end of the post and complete the resulting pop-up window.
  4. Related Content. Because the federal regulators are continuously modifying the information about TARP and the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Programs, new information is added to the website that sometimes modifies previous guidance.  At the end of each post, you will now be presented with an automatically generated list of related content that you may also find informative.

Offsetting the new features slightly was a decision to remove comments from the website.  To date, we had received two useful and informative comments, and almost 100 spam-related comments.  While we were able to suppress the spam comments, they were starting to slow down the site without any benefit to our readers.  If you would like to comment on any content on the website, we encourage you to contact us.