To provide a different way of looking (literally) at the list of banks that have received TARP Capital infusions, we have prepared an interactive map showing TARP Capital recipients.

The map uses location of each institution’s headquarters for determining the location of the TARP Capital infusion, which doesn’t necessarily mean much for the larger national banks, but is still very informative for regional and community banks.  By clicking on a pin on the map, you can see the bank’s name and dollar amount of the TARP Capital infusion.  The color of the pin indicates the round of the TARP Capital infusion:

  • the blue pins represent the first round, made on October 28, 2008;
  • the red pins represent the second round, made on November 14, 2008;
  • the green pins represent the third round, made on November 21, 2008;
  • the yellow pins represent the fourth round, made on December 5, 2008;
  • the purple pins represent the fifth round, made on December 12, 2008;
  • the aqua pins represent the sixth round, made on December 19, 2008,
  • the magenta pins represent the seventh round, made on December 23, 2008;
  • the blue tacks represent the eighth round, made on December 31, 2008;
  • the red tacks represent the ninth round, made on January 9, 2009;
  • the green tacks represent the tenth round, made on January 16, 2009;
  • the aqua tacks represent the eleventh round, made on January 23, 2009;
  • the yellow tacks represent the twelfth round, made on January 30, 2009;
  • the purple tacks represent the thirteenth round, made on February 6, 2009; and
  • the magenta tacks represent the fourteenth round and all subsequent rounds.

The map shows that the Treasury seems to be working to approve banks across the country.

View the TARP Map .